Welcome to Juniata Concrete Company (JCC), a premier provider of ready-mix concrete and precast products across Juniata, Perry, and Mifflin Counties. With a legacy spanning nearly six decades, JCC stands as a cornerstone in the construction industry, delivering top-tier solutions for projects of all sizes. As a trusted State-Approved concrete supplier, JCC caters to a diverse clientele, from large-scale state projects to local contractors. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the superior quality of our materials and the enduring relationships we forge with our customers.

JCC takes pride in being a family-owned business, rooted in values of integrity, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team continually strives to exceed expectations, ensuring that every client receives personalized attention and premium products tailored to their specific needs.

Looking ahead, JCC remains steadfast in its mission to provide unparalleled quality at competitive prices while continually enhancing and optimizing our operations. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, we are poised to meet the evolving demands of the construction industry and uphold our legacy of excellence for generations to come.

Join us at JCC, where quality is in the mix, and together, let's build a future of enduring success.